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Believe ...


     Under the penname Noony Brown, I write (and read) for children.  Why not?  I love telling stories and as I kid I could never get enough stories read aloud to me.  The most exciting things I discovered as a grown-up were audio books.

     Anyway, I digress.  The Mayor of Cabbage Hammock is a gentle little story which unfolds in the heart of Florida, near Citra.  It's all about stopping long enough to take in the little everyday miracles which surround us.  There are no superheroes, no guns, no car chases.  It's about being transported to another place which is beautiful, quiet and unassuming to find that it's actually teaming with things we often take for granted.

    Beautifully illustrated by my talented daughter, Tanya, whose watercolors bring the scenes to vibrant life on the page.

   It's yummy.

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