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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Old work day

Remembering the old work days ...

           The TV clicks on at 5.30am shattering the dark hush of a morning that hasn’t yet even been born.
“Good morning, it’s 5.30am on the East Coast and in our breaking story this morning an octogenarian woman is clubbed to death outside her suburbia home while neighbors look on in horror.  We’ll take you to the scene, but first a check on the weather outside your front door.” The screen flickers, then flickers again.
“And now for a check of your local traffic at 5.45am.”
Oh no.
How did that
Push covers,
Flip out,
Feet on cold
Tile floor.
I can never figure out quite how I lose those ten minutes in the morning, as I run to the toilet, behind schedule again.
Rinse and spit.
Splash water on my face;
Throw on
Grab keys
Rush to the gym
My I-Pod is playing loud, stirring music in my ears so I don’t have to hear the screaming of the MTV music videos overhead.  I’ll take 70’s classic rock any day over the head-banging stuff of today.  
Grunt and groan;
Sweat till it
Drips down my neck;
Trot and stretch;
Drive back,
Get mail
Get going.
The news is still blaring when I walk in the door, still talking about the same old same old.  I’m almost impervious to it.  The weather is doing what the weather is doing – in fact the weather is always going to do exactly what it feels like and I can do nothing about it.  Why do I bother to listen then? 
Peel fruit
Chew, eat
Chug vitamins
Gulp, drip,
Run for the shower
Check the clock, time’s whizzing on.  Heck, it doesn’t wait for me.  What’s on the agenda today? In the steaming shower I lather up my hair and brush my teeth while thinking about another morning’s meeting at the office.

I've given up on the news these days and running in the rat race of the old work day.  It's changed my life and I'm so grateful.

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