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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Green Peas

Illustration by Daphne Rathbone (2011)

Green peas,

Roll down my knees!
Chasing peas
That are green
And round
Is fun.

I poke them
They slip
I jab them
They slide
I load them
They roll
And from me
They hide.

Green peas
Fall off my plate!
Chasing peas
That slip
Makes me hungry.

Illustration by Daphne Rathbone (2011)

“Help me!
Help me!”
They shout
As I chase
“I got you!

I got you!”
I yell
In their face.

But out
They jump
Away they roll.
Till I stand,
Toss my fork
And attack them
By hand.

I like green peas.

Corn on the Cob

Illustrations by Daphne Rathbone (2011)

I feel like a typewriter
When I’m chewing on my cob
Biting off the yellow bits
With tiny milky teeth.

I start at the beginning
And I finish at the end
I hardly stop to take a breath
Till everything is gone.

“Just look at you,” my Mama says
She points and points, and laughs
Everywhere there’s yellow bits:
My plate, the floor, my hair.


Illustrations by Daphne Rathbone (2011)

Carrots, carrots
I don’t like carrots
Doesn’t anyone care?

Mommy says
“Eat them”
Daddy does too
I don’t like carrots
What am I to do?

I look at my plate
They’re on it again
They’re weird and orange
And chopped
Into squares

I don’t like carrots
I shut my mouth
I cross my arms
And I start
To pout.

Illustrations by Daphne Rathbone (2011)

Mommy is laughing
Daddy is too
Now I’m angry
And shouting; well
Wouldn’t you?

Just as I yell again
Dad pops one in
And I’m eating
A carrot, Uh Oh,
I’m starting to grin!

I chewing, I’m chomping
I’m asking for more,
I really like carrots now
Who'd've thought it before?


Illustrated by Daphne Rathbone (2011)


Ah - voe - car - doe
That’s the way my Mommy says it;
A - ver - cah - dah
That’s the way my Daddy says it;
A - doe - ta - doe
That’s the way my inside says it;
Then I put it in my mouth
And say “Mmmm – Mmmm - Mmmmm!”



In the last two years Mum has has lived through some of the darkest days of her life.  Yet she's fought like a champion, smiled like a princess and made the most of every possible moment.

Alzheimer's and loss are not good partners, in fact they're arch-enemies.

In the middle of it all she even agreed to illustrate my book of kiddie's poems we'd enjoyed so much and she produced some extraordinary sketches.  We went ahead and published a limited edition of the book to celebrate her 80th birthday last year.  She couldn't believe it.

My heart bursts with pride every day I think about her and I love her to bits - so I'm sharing this because I think it's important for her to see that she still has so much to give, so much to share and for all of you out there, who may have a loved one with Alzheimer's so you can see what can be accomplished with a little nudging.

I love you Mummy

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The great Equalizer

Down at the beach
We’re all equal, the same,
Fat ones and thin ones,
The bald and the vain.
The backdrop is blue
And the water azure,
The laughter of children
Bad tempers can cure.
The waves thunder in
Any they leave with a sigh …
The ocean’s great breath
Gives us all such delight.
The rich and the poor,
The strong and the weak,
Get even amounts of
Sun, sand, waves, and heat.
The great Equalizer
Has made this by hand
At the beach we’re all equal
Just like he’d planned.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

She did it ...

Click image to view

What can I say?  She's brilliant.  She touches things in the graphic and creative world and they become amazing.  See for yourself and see what you think (get it?).  Watch here or mouse over the image and click it.  Nuf said.

Jessi has just won over a half dozen awards for her work.  CONGRATULATIONS!!

The top award 

                  of the night, the only 

                      Judge's Choice Award went to:

Self Promotion/Interactive
by Jessi Miller - Little Black Mask


Gold ADDY for:
Self Promotion/Interactive
by Jessi Miller - Little Black Mask

Jessi Miller - mother, graphic designer, magician, friend ...