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Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Illustrations by Daphne Rathbone (2011)

Carrots, carrots
I don’t like carrots
Doesn’t anyone care?

Mommy says
“Eat them”
Daddy does too
I don’t like carrots
What am I to do?

I look at my plate
They’re on it again
They’re weird and orange
And chopped
Into squares

I don’t like carrots
I shut my mouth
I cross my arms
And I start
To pout.

Illustrations by Daphne Rathbone (2011)

Mommy is laughing
Daddy is too
Now I’m angry
And shouting; well
Wouldn’t you?

Just as I yell again
Dad pops one in
And I’m eating
A carrot, Uh Oh,
I’m starting to grin!

I chewing, I’m chomping
I’m asking for more,
I really like carrots now
Who'd've thought it before?

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