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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Green Peas

Illustration by Daphne Rathbone (2011)

Green peas,

Roll down my knees!
Chasing peas
That are green
And round
Is fun.

I poke them
They slip
I jab them
They slide
I load them
They roll
And from me
They hide.

Green peas
Fall off my plate!
Chasing peas
That slip
Makes me hungry.

Illustration by Daphne Rathbone (2011)

“Help me!
Help me!”
They shout
As I chase
“I got you!

I got you!”
I yell
In their face.

But out
They jump
Away they roll.
Till I stand,
Toss my fork
And attack them
By hand.

I like green peas.

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