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Believe ...

Thursday, 31 May 2012

... a bathtub!

            Knock and the door shall open – seek and you shall find.  Ask through a blog and it will be given you.  I cannot believe it, by little blog was read by so many people and all sorts of creative ideas came spurting forth.
            However, like all good competitions, (not that this was an official competition), I have narrowed down the entries (very difficult I must say) and we have a winner!
            Thank you to my friend Lynnie in Bucks for this bathtub!  Right up my alley and perfectly within my budget.  Thanks to a precision pair of scale Vernier Calipers (in inches) I was able to ascertain that the bathtub was indeed the perfect size and most importantly: DEPTH!
            That's when the penny dropped.  I couldn’t have that bathtub. No how.  No way.  It was in therapy …

            Thoughtful as I am, I quickly changed my sights and I do have my eye on this one – I think I’ll put in an offer tomorrow after I find those scale Vernier Calipers … now where did I put them?

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  1. A bathtub right up your alley - now that sounds painful, and just the sort of thing you might need specialist callipers for...


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