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Sunday, 17 March 2013



I never had a purple thing
Never owned a one
But always admired it on you,
My aunt and cousin too.

Then all at once at 48
Or maybe 53
A pair of purple scissors
Jumped off the shelf at me.

Purple, purple who are you?
Stuck tight mid red and blue
Purple, purple what are you?
You’re naught without those two

There’s something about this color
I can’t quite understand
Like why it’s part of royalty
And deity combined?

Is it because it’s posh or smart?
Or ‘cause it’s slightly cold?
What makes a robe a fancy thing,
The color or the gold?

url-1.pngI never stopped to think about
A color’s qualities
The thing that makes it pop just so
When dull or bright or jolly. 

The Kings of sunny climes I know
Wear yellow, orange, green.
Yet those of colder countries
In those colors won’t be seen.

It isn’t an exciting color
Like pink, or red or yellow
It’s smooth and soft and comforting
In fact seems quite mellow.

I’m reading about a woman
Who sees and hears in color
And my daughter, Tanya, bless her heart
Can see colors of a color.

I’m hoping you might help me now
I’m baffled beyond belief
I now have a mass of brand new things
In purple in my life!

Why purple? Why not blue or red?
Why purple and not green?
Am I changing all that much these days?
Attracting it unseen?

Cold I’m not, nor priest or king
Nor close to 87
So tell me purple what’s the deal?
Why now and not at 11?

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