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Friday, 30 September 2011

CHAPTER 2 - The Mayor of Cabbage Hammock

Chapter Two
Spike, Jack and Jill

Three pairs of eyes watched him from inside the darkened garage as he approached.  Well, that’s what the Mayor called it: a garage.  But the owners of the eyes knew differently – it was their bedroom!  None of the other animals came in there, not the cows, not the deer, not the birds nor the bees.  Not even the great big green alligator that lived down in the muddy pond. Well, maybe the occasional spider made a web way up high, but that didn’t matter.
“Well, well, well, I declare!” said the Mayor chortling, “If it isn’t you three in here still.”
Walking out of the dark corner of the garage, two of the three pairs of eyes became visible: donkeys!  They ambled up to him and the Mayor with their damp noses.
“Well, hello Jill,” said the Mayor patting the mother, “Hey Jack,” he laughed as the baby pushed under his arm sniffing for a treat.  “Bless your heart, you’re a nosey so and so, aren’t you?” he said still laughing as he fished out a little treat for each of them.
“Aw, c’mon Spike, come over and get your treat now,” he said to the largest of the three who’d hung back.  This was the father and he was always on the lookout.  It was his responsibility to protect the mother and baby Jack. “It’s OK, there’s no one around,” said the Mayor gently, “I won’t tell anyone that you had a treat this morning.”
That was all the encouragement Spike needed to trot over and gobble up the sweet treat.
“There you go! Now wasn’t that delicious?” said the Mayor rubbing each donkey in turn and even though donkeys don’t smile, he knew they were smiling and happy by the way they waggled and flopped their long furry ears back and forth, back and forth.
Jack, the baby, butted the Mayor’s hip and snuffled at his pocket again.
“Hey!” laughed the Mayor, “you are a hungry little fella, aren’t you? OK here’s one last treat and then it’s time for you to go find your own breakfast. Go on now!”
And with that, the three donkeys clopped out of the garage, well, their bedroom, and headed off for their morning bath.
To the side of their bedroom, (the garage), much to the Mayor’s indignation, they had dug out a great big patch of sand.  This was their bathtub!  One by one, daddy going first, they dropped down on their knees, bent their back legs and flopped over onto their sides.  Very soon they were rolling around in the sand, feet straight up to the blue sky, spraying sand everywhere just like you in your bubble bath.  They scrubbed their backs and their sides and “hee-hawed” with delight.
“Well, bless your little donkey hearts, I sure wish you wouldn’t do that right here,” grumbled the Mayor smiling a little, “couldn’t you move it down to the other end of the field?” he said pointing down yonder, shaking his head.
“Hee-haw, hee-haw,” brayed Jack and Jill together.  Then, in a great big show-offy movement, Jack kicked hard and rolled over tossing a huge clump of sand into his mouth.  He coughed and spluttered and the Mayor roared with laughter as little Jack jumped up to his feet shaking his head and coughing up sand.

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