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Monday, 26 September 2011

Mum's 80th B'day Poem

David, Sharon, Mum, Jackie, Cath 

“I never thought I’d get there”
You said the other day
But look by gum you GOT here
So let’s shout Hip Hip Hooray!

“I can’t believe I’m eighty,
When I feel just twenty-one,
On the outside it looks weighty
Yet inside I’m full of fun!”

You called us and you told us
“I am not a lucky chick,
This old girl has woken up
Looking like a spotted dick.”

What a let down on your birthday
To be cooped up in your room
Head to toe with some strange lurgy
And your heart all filled with gloom.

Chin up my lovely Mummy
You’ll be soon as right as rain
And we’ll laugh and say “How funny;
Spotty eighty was a pain!”

Maybe that’s what’s going on here
You’re allergic to this sum
Four times twenty doesn’t suit you
So screw it Mum: Be twenty one!

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