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Believe ...

Believe ...

Thursday, 24 November 2011


I promise I will always adorn your soft brown eyes.  I will be just the right consistency and stay with you all day or all evening.  My sparkles with sparkle, my powder will stick without smudging.
I promise to lie quietly in your bag or on your bathroom shelf; I won’t judge you if you pick one of the others.  I’ll still be here when you want me, ready when you need me.
I promise my little sponges will be supple and helpful in their application task.
I promise … What?  What are you doing?  On no! You’re upset. You’re going to throw me away?  No.  Please don’t throw me away!
I promise I’ll do better – please don’t throw me away.
Wait.  That’s my double sponge applicator – what are you doing?  You’re washing it?  Washing and now … Oh no!  You’re using it to put on something pink and mauve.  Oh dear. 
What happened?  You’ve decided that fashions have changed and you’re not into browns and beiges any more?  Oh no, what am I to do?
Am I being made redundant?  It doesn’t seem possible, I still have so much left to give.  Please you don’t understand!  I’m not old.  I’m not yesterday’s color.
Oh. Help!  I’m being stuffed into a box; it’s a dark smelly box full of other bits of smelly old makeup. I'm not like them, I'm still full of sparkle and twinkle.
What a sad day.  I remember the day you took me off the shelf at the store and the sound of your sigh of delight … Oh no!  Please don’t shut the bo …

Argh!  What’s this brightness?  Where am I?  Huh?  I can see little brown eyes, who are you?  You look like a little you.  But that’s not possible; you just had your 20th birthday the other day.
What’s that you’re saying?  You’re going to try Mommy’s old makeup?  Old?
What?  Are you your Mommy’s daughter?  You can’t be more than what … ten?
Oh my goodness, have I been shut in that box for over ten years?
Oh! Oh! Ahhh! You’re lifting me out.  Ahhh, how good this feels.  Yes, yes open my lid and see my sparkly shade of brown.
I promise to always highlight your lovely brown eyes and give you special sparkles.
Old?  No, no I’m not old – I’m ageless, timeless.  I will never let you down.
Cracked?  On no, just work your fingers over the surface of the powder.  Yes, yes, like that!  The shadow will soon come to life for you.
I promise to always be thoughtful and loyal, I promise to always do what I say I’m going to do.  I promise to never be judgmental, I promise to love you unconditionally, to watch over you, to care, to share …
I promise I’ll be perfect eye makeup even if it’s for little girls dressing up with big dreams
I promise to wait here, whether you ever want me again or not.
I promise to always love you always, whether you need me or not.
Just please don’t put me back in the b …

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