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Friday, 25 November 2011

The Dorchester Sc. III

(A scene from "The Dorchester" ... a one act play about relationships.)

“But why does she pick on Bettina all the time, Dad?”
“I don’t know, Peter.  Bloody difficult woman to understand, your mother.”
“Yeah.  You can say that again.”
“Opinionated …”
“I’ll say, Peter!  Lately she’s been so opinionated about everything, it’s like she’s the only authority on anything.”
“Must be tough, Dad.”
“It is.  But I just switch off.”
“Good for you.  Wish Bettina could do that, though.  But I guess being the daughter in law she feels she needs to be on her best behavior all the time.”
“Bloody shame, lovely gal that wife of yours.  But as for your mother, there are days when I feel like pushing her down the stairs!”
“Well, in a manner of speaking, Peter.  You see, I’m getting more and more intolerant of it all.  In fact, the other day I came up with the perfect description of her …”
“Laughed the rest of the day about it …”
“Well, what was it then?”
 “She’s … how can I explain … let’s see, prickly, functional and rather ubiquitous, but very unpleasant.  She’s turned into something you would hope to ignore and not have to set eyes on – let alone get up close and personal with …”
“Yes, son, I’m afraid it’s the truth, your mother reminds me of a toilet brush these days …”
“A what, Dad?”
“Oh yes, quite a fancy one, with all the useless bells and whistles, but a toilet brush in the end.”

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