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Friday, 25 November 2011

Pita Bread - doing it better


    I need to stick around my sisters a whole lot more, for many different reasons.  But the reason today, is because they know so much more about food and interesting ingredients than I do.

    Being just a foolish “look-and-cook” person, I never really pay much attention to recipes and cookbooks.  I sort of throw thing together on a wing and a prayer – the faster the better – and make do with whatever comes out.

    However ... my sisters, who were both here for a week just before the wedding, rented a beautiful house, which had an empty kitchen.  So off they went on two separate expeditions, to fill the pantry.  Most of the food was consumed with relish.  But I was lucky enough to bring home some leftover ingredients.  Among them:

    Sesame oil.
    Organic olive oil.

    Sounds silly doesn’t it?  But I’m intrigued.  I usually grab the lightest (and cheapest oil) off the shelf, as long as it says ‘olive’ somewhere on the label.

    So I’m getting ready to make my Thanksgiving Pita Bread after practicing the other day, but I’m itching to depart from the recipe (already!)

    Having decided to exchange the white flour I'd used in practice session #1, for whole-wheat flour, I was ready to begin.  But I wanted to kick up the flavor a notch.

    That’s when these two ingredients come into play.

    Who in the world uses Sesame Oil?  Jackie does.  She went to all the trouble of buying a whole bottle of this stuff, to cook a delicious pistachio chicken dinner.  I have the remaining nine tenths of the bottle at home.  Unscrew the lid, put my nose in it, and BANG!  It’s love at first sniff.  Exchange #2 – I’m putting this one in, instead of the regular old pale oil I used the first time.

    Organic Olive Oil?  What’s that all about?  Sharon knows.  She only purchases organic foods now, after spending years learning about processed foods and the damage they can cause.  She bought this oil for her divine pasta dish and I’m the lucky recipient of the remaining three fourths.  Sprinkled some herbs into it and I’m learning all about the glories of dipping bread.  I never thought oil could taste like this.

    The sesame whole-wheat pita bread with organic dipping oil was gobbled up.  Smelling it cook and watching it be devoured was fascinating.  

    Thanks Jackie and Sharon!

    (I’ll tell you about the duck-liver pate I whipped up, in the black dish, another time.  It’s gone too.)

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