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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Joy ... in Uruguay

Summer evenings and fireflies,
Bare feet and sun burnt faces
Cicadas winding-down
High up in towering           
Eucalyptus trees.
Sudden summer showers
Running barefoot together
Under a huge
Oversized red umbrella.
Chasing, racing, screaming,
Ice cream.
We all scream for ice cream.
And then
Warm egg sandwiches
Made by my Mummy
In fresh white bread
Bread that smells like only
Fresh bread can smell
In Uruguay.
Because it’s feather-white bread.
She knows best
About bread, and
Sandwiches, and
Sandwiches in warm breads
Like driving past a bakery
With bread growing in the oven
Bury your nose in the bread
And smell the warm taste.
Egg sandwiches that always
Come together with
Paper-thin cucumber
They smell like only summer
Can smell in Uruguay;
Summers of cucumbers.
Cucumbers as thin as
Bible pages,
See-throughable cucumbers
Like frosty bathroom windows
Or bubbly kitchen doors
What can you see
Through your cucumber?
Shadows and shapes
Made by looking through
Vegetables like frosted glass.
Frosted like ice.
Holiday on Ice!
Front-row seats.
Always front-row seats
Tickets bought by Daddy
For the front row.
It’s in the front row
Where the candy-floss
Floats by your hair
Followed by the cry
Of “Coooo-ca Coooo-la!”
And hot dogs.
But the cold of the ice
In the rink
In your face
Is the best.
Because Daddy knows this
Is a place at the front
Where the clowns tumble
Out of the rink.
And sit on my knee.
And make me dream
Of being part of the show.
Holiday on Ice.
Holidays by the sea.
And hot pine needles
On sand near the sea.
Long hot days of sun and sand.
Sand in your hair
Sand in your shoes,
Castles and moats
Gobbled up by the sea.
Frothy white waves
Salty blue waves
Crashing down on your head
Again and again;
They don’t care,
They don’t wait,
And it’s salty cold water
Till you sneeze and you cough
And jump right back in again
For more.
Long hot days by the sea,
Sticky hot nights when you toss
And you sweat in your bed.
No fans no breeze
So you sweat and you wriggle
Till you lie on the floor.
To be cool in Uruguay.
Be cool, then be cold when
Cool turns cold in winter.
Dark mornings, cold clothes,
Hot porridge and soup,
Soup bowls filled with letters
A whole steaming alphabet
Swimming and billowing,
The hot that turns cold, all
Cold round the sides while
You played making
Names-on-the side-of-your
And you’re scolded a little
So you pick up your things
And trudge glumly to bed
And then trip on the
Red rubber boots
Full of mud.
So you’re sad but
You think of a
Furry warm coat and
Two Grandmothers.
The furry warm coat that’s
Lita’s “pussycat” coat
So silky and warm.  Brown,
Warm, and snuggly.
Snuggly to rub a cold cheek in
And feel better.
“You like my ‘pussycat’ coat,
Don’t you?”  Lita asks
With a twinkle in the
Cornflower blue of her eyes.
You do.
Then there’s
Mizzy’s “pussycat” corner too.
Where no one can sit but she.
“Who’s sitting in my
‘pussycat’ corner?” Not me
Cos I’ve already jumped
To the floor to look at
The moon in the sky
Through the window at night
And the flames in the
Grate by the clock.
Crack and tock.
Flames and huge
With great tongues of
Fire rushing up
To the sky.
In Uruguay.
Snaky plumes of smoke
Sucking air dreedily
Puffing up and getting
Snatched by wind.
Swishing into your
Eyes and your nose
Till you tear
With the sting of
The smoke in the walls
Of your nose;
So you turn to the wind
And it blows in
Your face.
It’s a whipping wind
Whipping twisters of leaves,
Red, yellow, and brown
Leaves in a wild dance
Whooshing up and
Tumbling down.
Blowing and blowing
As you scream and you
Run.  Run away from the
Wind ‘cause it’s
Clutching your hair
Hair filling with knots
Those “birds’ nests”
Impossible to deal with
Without tears.
Silly tears that mean nothing –
Just tired contentment
And suddenly
I’m really quite
Ready for bed and
And headful of
And kisses,
Hugs and laughter,
Warmth and care.
A lifetime of
A lifetime of
A childhood of
And love
In Uruguay.
Pure Joy.

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