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Friday, 7 November 2008

Did I ask a good question today?

It was such a beautiful day when I got up this morning, I was thrilled to jump out of bed and take off on my long walk. I met the same wrinkled man with his bouncy black Labrador dog going in the opposite direction. I've only been back in Ocala a few days and already I'm noticing other people's routines.

"Would it be a good idea if I came up and said hello?" I asked him.

"Sure." He smiled as the excited Lab tugged on the leash.

"Is she OK with strangers?"

"Oh yeah. Abby loves people. She'll lick you to death."

We said hello and goodbye and as I walked on, I thought to myself that neither were particularly good questions. I promised myself to think more about the questions throughout the day.

I hopped into the shower about two hours later and the question thoughts just sluiced down the drain with the soapy water from my hair. I completely forgot for the rest of the day.

But guess what? As I sit here late in the evening I'm happy that I did ask those questions. Because with them I made contact with another human being and his beloved black dog. His tone was sweet and his attitude towards Abby was enchanting. He made me feel warm and Abby's toungue which licked me all over, just as he had predicted, was also warm in the chilly morning air.

Communication. It's such a wonderful thing and so easily can be such a deadly thing too. Thoughts become words and words become things. And with that little bit of communication this morning, I started my day in such a positive, loving way - warmed by a casual connection with a stranger on a lonely stretch of deserted road somewhere in a little town called Ocala.


  1. I guess you made his day too. You might have been the only person he spoke to all day.

    A smile is worth a forture, but a single hello is worth a million to someone who is alone.

    Have a great day, my dear friend.


  2. Annie, interesting you should have said that. I was totally thinking about that this morning when I got up. What if he had no one to speak to all day but Abby the dog?

    Thanks! I love your thoughts,



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