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Sunday, 23 November 2008

What are three of your guilty pleasures?

Guilty pleasures mmmm ... Instantly I thought to myself, that won't take long to answer. But I'm stuck. I feel guilty just thinking of them! Oh come on Cath, that's just silly now.

Reading ... sitting down in the middle of the day (like on a Saturday or a Sunday) with a good book. I feel terrible! I can't quite understand why. I LOVE reading, growing up in South America I was the easiest person to get a gift for: a book in English, preferably by Enid Blyton or Carolyn Keene. That's all I ever wanted growing up and I would read voraciously. Nowadays I have books all over the place and I snatch-read: Eckhart Tolle in my bathroom; Nicholas Sparks on my bedside table; Bill Wilson in the car; Tony Robbins at my desk. But I always get this terribly guilty feeling when I spend more that five or ten minutes reading. Gulp.

Sushi!! I adore sushi. I hate that it's so expensive and I try to ration myself. When I get there, I always swear I'll have less than I do and that I'll spend only "x" amount. Never happens. I always eat more and pay more and want more.

Lying in on a Sunday morning. But I love it so much. It's a rare occurence when I'll get up make my breakfast and take it back into bed. With it comes a pot of tea, a book, my laptop and possibly a DVD or a video to watch. Two hours in bed like this is absolute heaven - if I can bear the idea of not being outside in the garden or riding my bike or doing some kind of useful busy work around the house.

What are yours?


  1. We are both definitely readers. That is certain. I don't care much for lying in on any day. Morning is my favorite time of day. Sometimes, my guilty pleasure is watching an instant play movie on Netflix. The other one is slipping into Chelsea Coffee on Thursday morning and buying breakfast. A nice flat bread sandwich with an egg, Canadian bacon, and cheese, and a half caf.

  2. See what happens when I lose my blog? Someone else pops by and writes on it and I never realize.

    Ah-Hah! But I'm back! Thank you Rehoboth for stopping by ... perhaps there's more to come, or perhaps I'll come by and share one of your pleasures: a movie ... and egg sandwich ... idle chit-chat ... Yeah.


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