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Thursday, 6 November 2008

If money weren't an object, what car would you get?

That was one of the very first questions that jarred me. I'm usually good at answering questions and having opinions about many things. This, however, involved something personal about me and it touched on something I'd never thought about before.

What sort of a car would I get? I had no earthly idea. To me a car is a means to an end. Yes, I like it to be relatively comfortable and since I live in Florida I'd prefer it to have a good AC unit.

The person who asked the question was actually prompting further thought about my likes and dislikes and I was stumped.

A Volvo? A Mercedes Benz? A Jaguar? Some people know instantly, almost instinctively what they want. I know, because since then I've asked many people this very question. They respond without a moment's hesitation and often go into lengthy descriptions of the car they'd have.

I'm still stuck on the essence of relliability and the AC of course. Maybe it should have room to stick soil and plants in it, becauseI love gardening; it should have room to carry my bike too so I can throw it in when I want to go out a ride on the trails. Room for my friends because my kids are all grown and the dogs are gone.

Speed? Torque? Stick shift? Those are important things for the people who know what they want. Retrofitting, custom tires and wheels and so the list goes on. Tony Robbins says "close your eyes and feel the steering wheel of the car of your dreams ... then drive it." I think I saw a Janguar, but I couldn't be sure.

Is this why I'm happy with what I've got? I love my Highlander. I did put leather in after I bought it because I don't like getting sirty sweaty stains on fabric. Hmmm. I'm still thinking, perhaps I'm happy with what I have - or perhaps I don't really have a dream about a car?


  1. Cars, well, we need one as I live in a village, but hope to give up one of them when I no longer have to meet the deadline of getting to work and can take my time.

    Best wishes

  2. Annie! Thanks for you comment. Yes, the necessary evil. Do you think it's a gender thing knowing which car you would love to have?

  3. I think so, because all I need to know is if it economic with the petrol and it will start when I need it. lol

    Best wishes,

  4. Since money is no object, I would get two!

    One would be a Mini - with all kinds of options. They are so cute! I would tool around town in that most of the time.

    The other would be the new VW van that is currently only being sold in Europe. That I could carry my art in as well as groups of people.

    I would convert them both into 100% electric cars. No more gas and oil.

  5. Brilliant! That's what I like about Jesti! Always thinking about the world, art and FUN - your sunny sunshine breezes right onto the page.

    No more gas - what a great suggestion.


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