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Believe ...

Sunday, 14 August 2011

c o l o r ... c o l o u r

Spilling from

Crystal, the wine

Seeps into clean sheets

Starting to stain,

Like blood bleeding



And splotches of

Crayon …

Crayons the color

Of trucks that

Fly through

Stop signs

Screaming and wailing

Racing for souls

Of unknowns

Oozing life

On a road …

A winding road

Like ribbon

Round a box of

Valentine chocolates

Strawberry filled

Tucked up in petals

Which fell

From 12 perfect

Roses delivered

At Noon …

At noon

Halfway before sunset

Half after dawn

Where the orb as

Pressed berries

Gone dry

Fizzes through

A water the color

Of fire …

Fireworks that

Splashing in a night sky

Make magical,

Whimsical flowers

Up high

Dribbling sparkles

Which glow

And explode into


Danger of angry bulls

Snorting and charging

At billowing capes

Like a bull’s-eye

As easily as

A Target store billboard

With spots on it

Spots that glow

On two florid


Cheeks that are


As bright as

A hooker’s

Scarlet lipstick and long

Finger nails

Or spiky stilettos

Which all match the


The Carpet of Oscar

The stars all swan down

There’s passion and


And diamonds and lust

Rubies on fingers

So dripping from necks

Match cardinal glow

Of the robes

Robes of the priest

Hats of

The ladies club

Shoes that took Dorothy

Back home from Oz

It spells hope

Also communism

Yet sometimes

A district, a sports car

A flag

Flag football!

Wear it to win sports

Boston Sox do it

The Patriots, the Pistons,

And the USC Trojans

Most Ferraris are it

A herring, a dwarf,

Hot chili peppers

Heat then anger

Anger and lust

It’s pain and it’s love

It’s sanguine, vermillion

Bloodshot or blooming

It’s blush - it is garnet

Carmine or damask



Ruby and ruddy

It’s so many things

Seen and unseen

But now

Just today

‘cause I saw

In my head

This complex


Is called simply


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  1. WOW! i love this - so many many tremendous images, and i think i'm going to try an exercise of paragraphs linked by the start/end word. such a treat to read - thanks Cath! xx


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