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Believe ...

Thursday, 11 August 2011

What am I?

IT steams away – regardless of the temperature outside. As the days and weeks go by, it sees snow, leaves, rain, sunshine, heat, and cold.

Yet, no matter the weather, people come and people go. Laughter shared, drinks compared, sometimes tears. If only they knew.

Rick comes twice a week, fiddles and dabbles, adds and removes, leaves with a satisfied grunt. Maybe he knew.

On occasions, kids come along, hop around, piddle about, shrieking and yelling; they have a good time. If only they knew.

The other day, quite late, after everyone had gone for the day, a stray dog came by, looked around, sniffed, slurped and stepped in. If only they knew.

Late as its top lays still as glass steaming vaporous clouds into the graveyard shift hours, it’s still a party down in here. If only they knew.

There’s so much life in the hot tub.

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